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Pacalis Home

Welcome Home

We’ve built you a house. Not any kind of house.

We’ve built you a Pacalis Home that’s refreshingly different.

When we thought about your home we didn’t start with the house, or even the location. We began by thinking about your life. What would your life look like if it was the best it could be?

We found award winning engineers, specialist architects and internationally acclaimed designers to help us build you a forever-home, to live your life to the full.

Pacalis is a small, strong team of passionate, professional individuals and each of us are proud to be able to offer you a Pacalis Home.

Step Inside

You’ll feel the difference of a Pacalis Home

The space we live in affects most people more than they realise.
To move through a room feeling both relaxed and energised takes a special kind of balance.

With years of dedication and attention to detail we have achieved exactly this. We’ve used not only the highest quality materials but we’ve harnessed one of the most fundamental elements that all living things thrive on more… light.

Come and see and feel the way your life could be lived by visiting one of our show homes today.

Pacalis Homes

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